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This is the fifth Fan Roundtable. As Rountables go, I take the most interesting comments that I find and place these comments as discussions for  the Roundtable. Please do remember, Roundtable can only happen if there are interesting conversations or comments on DKN Facebook or on the site. This means you would have to comment on the site for the Roundtable to continue. So far everyone has been commenting and giving great feedback. You guys are awesome! In light of MTV Movie Awards last week showing The Dark Knight Rises trailer # 4.  Dustin Spence on DKN Facebook asked a very interesting question along with Marty Jay and Phillip Heath who answered:

Dustin Spence (DS): soooo Bane is using (what I believe is) Grand Central Station as his Execution/Throne room? & using the Subway tunnels as his way to get around Gotham?

Dark Knight News (DKN): yup yup yups!

Phillip Heath (PH): That’s Union Station in LA bro

Marty Jay (MJ): And Scarecrow is the Judge 🙂
DS: How many days do you think TDKR takes place? Bruce returns as Batman, Bane breaks out prisoners to create his army, Catwoman goes to Prison, Bruce gets captured by Bane, & Gotham(from what we’ve seen in trailers) is pretty much ashes.
so I’m thinking at least 2 Months?
DKN: I think in the ball park of 3 months b/c it is literary number for a lot of movies to go w/ the number three. Good question.
From trailer # 4, there seems to be makeshift courtroom in what seems to be either at Gotham City’s Stock Market or in some other Gotham City building where the elite will


be tried, convicted, and persecuted for their crimes by one judge. When you first look at the scene, Bane is on the side closest to the scene. Bane has served his purpose as enforcer to gather the troops and bring the persecuted to trial. Bane does not serve as judge because he does not deal with pity situations of court and jury politics. He is much too intellect to engage in such silly power in judging others. Bane’s ultimate goal is much bigger than living in the moment of power that only last temporarily, he knows this and prefers to leave it to someone like Scarecrow, Dr. Crane. Now, now there is not much evidence from the trailer to suggest this, but rumors have since flew about Scarecrow being the judge of these executions that take place. Here is the thing… thatwe all know.

Christopher Nolan would bring back Scarecrow because it is a cameo role for Cillian Murphy and it brings the trilogy full circle with one of Batman’s beginning villains from Batman Begins. However, Scarecrow (Dr. Crane) is best for this situation as the judge. As stated by my DKN peer, Stephen, who writes Keeping Batman’s Villains Fresh, Dr. Crane is an intellectual man who understands that his intellect is the best over all of Gotham’s men. Dr. Crane can reason and manipulate any situation with his intelligence. However, when Dr. Crane becomes Scarecrow he becomes something else:
After Crane turned into the Scarecrow, a development that he himself acknowledges, he turns into a much different man. An overdose of his own fear toxin pushed him away from being the intellectual that did not need to lay a hand on anyone to win, to murderous man that lives in the moment.
 Dr. Crane’s intellect stays intact however, as Scarecrow he lives relishes in the moment of fear and the taste of it. As a judge Scarecrow becomes the ultimate manipulator toying with the emotions of the persecuted to tears, anger, despair, desperation, and much more. It is such a taste to see people gravel and beg for mercy, it is just too sadistic to pass up. Now…why would Bane give Scarecrow the rights to such position? Bane is an intellectual man who can see the intelligence a mile away and the poor want to see the elite persecuted for their crimes in the most unjust way as possible. Bane would need someone who can appease the people and enjoy doing it as well. I would say Scarecrow would be best choice. He is one of the most superior and enjoys manipulation the most in the Nolanverse.
I was not convinced of Scarecrow being the executioner, I was more into Miranda Tate (Talia al Ghul) being the executioner. As Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, she would be perfect for such a role. What I believe is that Bane works for or with Miranda Tate to take down Bruce/Batman as a revenge scheme for killing her father, Ra’s al Ghul.  However, the belief that is going around is that Miranda Tate is an ally to Bruce/Batman. So, I will have to take my theory and place it down until the movie comes. Sadness…
Anyway, Dustin also asked how long would it take in TDKR for all this madness to take place. I believe that this whole thing could take up to three months. The number three is very popular among literature, books, and movies. The number represents many things such as the bewitching hour such as 3 in the morning, the number of days it took Jesus Christ to resurrect, or the fact that it is such an odd number that determines a winner or a loser in a battle. I would like to think that since this is third movie, that this entire situation for Gotham’s soul would take place within three months. This is also the same number of books that Charles Dickens wrote to make Tale of Two Cities. The first book was called “Recalled to Life” and was about introducing resurrecting the characters. The second book ,”The Golden Thread,” and about finding out the identities and importance of those characters for the plot. The third book, “Track of the Storm,”  was about the fight between the French peasants and the French elite. I am so sorry I just gave away the whole movie. I think I am going to get sued…oh well! It was fun! I am of course joking, Nolan ruined it in the first place for stating how Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities sheds light on what is happening in Gotham City.  Yea…sue yourself Nolan. I love you, you beautiful minded man.
It would be a play on the book’s progression if Nolan went that way to describe the entire movie. This is of course a hunch on my part. Still, it is a good one. I do believe that Scarecrow would be the judge and I do think that it would take three months in TDKR to go through this turmoil. Nolan really did give it away there, but this is just a theory on my part. What is your theory?
 Comment below or on DKN Facebook  on the Roundtable about what you think of who will really the judge? What do you think the sadistic Scarecrow is best for this position? What will be Miranda Tate’s role in this movie? She is surely a hush hush character. How long do you think TDKR would take place in the movie for this entire turmoil? Is three the magic number or do you think there is another number? Has Nolan given away the plot scenario by relating Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities to the movie?   Will I be getting sued and do I have a case against Nolan if he ever came at me about spoiling the movie?