About Us

by Matt

Dark Knight News is a fan based site dedicated to the iconic DC hero, Bruce Wayne / Batman. Our Batman news and content covers, film (motion picture & animation), comics, TV, merchandise, art, news, and reviews on the Dark Knight. Watch out for exclusive interviews with industry heavyweights, comic book artists, actors, producers, directors, and fan activities!


Damian Fasciani

Owner / Director

As Owner and Director, Damian Fasciani comes with nineteen years experience in Business and Technology. A passionate Pop Culture Fan, Damian’s favourite DC character is none other than the Batman with the Green Arrow a close 2nd. Damian is married with two young children, loves sports, drawing, fitness, music, and adding to his Batman Collection.

Steve J Ray


Dad/husband/writer/artist. Many know me as Geekus Maximus/Geekipedia/Nerd Yoda. Comic book historian, lover of sci-fi, fantasy books, graphic novels, movies and music. Animal lover, amateur chef and family man. My wife thinks that I own way too many comics, books, and movies… I think this is an oxymoron.