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This is the fourth Fan Roundtable. For the past few days, I have seen some disturbing conversations from some individuals on the site. I would like to remind everyone that the site is not meant for bashing or insults. We are all fans and good discussions are encouraged on the site, even argumentative debating discussions. As long as the arguments stay away from insulting another fan’s intelligence, preferences, and their beliefs; Dark Knight News  has no problem. However, if the comments become vulgar meaning that the comments become too explicit. Dark Knight News will delete the comment and remove the user.  I for one, will not tolerant such comments in the Fan Roundtable. I do understand that the content that is being covered will become very argumentative and debatable, in which I encourage more discussion in hopes of good discussion among the fans. Everyone has a voice, an opinion and I relish in understanding differences. So, for the final time…courtesy and cordial comments for one another. I would like to thank everyone who has been positive and strayed away from such behavior on the site. Now…gather your thoughts for the next ROUNDTABLE 4.

Since the MTV Movie Awards  release of The Dark Knight Rises trailer #4 last Sunday, everyone has been on the buzz. There were news this week on a few characters who may die off as well as characters who may or may not be who they are.  A conversation between DKN Facebook fans, Phillip Heath and Dustin Spence had an interesting conversation together about actors Marion Cotillard and Morgan Freeman’s characters, Miranda Tate (Talia al Ghul) and Lucius Fox on The Dark Knight Rises:

Phillip Heath (PH): Bane kills him (Lucius Fox) at the football game because he already has the Tumblers. They (rumors) said Bane kills someone with his bare hands at the football game, a supporting actor, Marion Cotillard is lying about her character, why not Morgan Freeman, ya know

Dustin Spence (DS): Break in at R&D, he tries to stop them, ends up sacrificing his life… do you think he has a security protocol that might take out a few of Bane’s men? I’d hate to see him go down without a fight.

 (PH):Look at trailer #3, he’s trying to stop something, Bane kills him at the game because he is responsible for Batman’s equipment. Equipment, heck maybe even the seismic device, made by Pavel.

These are responses to Does Lucius Fox Survive DKR? post by Matt, for some fans who believe that Fox would not die because of Morgan Freeman’s status as an actor. However, some believe that this statement could be false due to some belief that Christopher Nolan would not entertain the idea of killing one of the supporting actors who plays as one of Batman’s greatest allies in technological equipment. In all fairness, I would agree that killing off Fox would be a disaster personally because I do like Freeman and Fox is one of those characters whom you love to see on screen with his quick whit. Still…why not Fox? It would be a good tragedy because Fox is such an element for Bruce/Batman. As Phillip stated Fox is responsible for Batman’s rise as a heroic vigilante. Fox is the second to Alfred who knows Batman is Bruce Wayne in Gotham City, and he is also Bruce’s greatest ally when comes to equipping Batman with state-of-the-art devices. Fox believes in Batman, but does not condone his unethical actions when using the devices to fight. In a way, Fox is similar to Alfred in a way that makes him a conscience for Batman. Fox knows what is best to use and suggests the best equipment for Batman to use.  However, the devices used are not constitutional and violates the rights of the people such as Batman’s high-frequency generator-receiver. This is where Batman took Fox’s concept to turn a cell phone into a sonic device that shows the movements of individuals  in a building, and made this concept into a tracker to fight Joker through the citizens’ cell phones. Fox found the generator unethical and a violation. Batman understood this about Fox and encrypted the device to be only used by him and destroyed by Fox as well. When it is all said and done, Fox’s destruction of the device could have helped Batman in the long. If it was Batman’s decision, he would have continued to use it to help him watch over Gotham. Batman knew this however, he left it up to Fox. In this case, Fox is Batman’s conscience on the grounds of what is ethical and unethical to use to fight crime. This is an explanation for why Fox should die because he is responsible for Batman. Still…this is not enough. Lucius Fox should not only be killed because of the fact that helps Bruce as Batman. There could be is another reason for Fox’s death.

Bane is not concerned about Bruce’s identity as Batman or who helps him. This is beside the point. The real point is to cripple Batman and you do so by taking away those closest to him. As Dustin explains Fox could be protecting Wayne Enterprises from Bane’s men according to the photos and TV spots released of Fox at a protocol security looking up at something that caught his attention. Fox could die to protect the blueprints of the Tumblers, which is one way of thinking. Another thing could be that Fox was captured and presented to people in a state of execution as Phillip sugggested. Now…why would Fox be put up for execution? Remember this is a movie about the poor rising up against the elite under Bane’s command. For one, Fox’s status as the elite. Fox is president of Wayne Enterprises and that comes with title and money. When one has money, power comes along with it. Money does not suggest a person is corrupt, but it does place a stigma on those people as rich. Sometimes, the rich become victims of poor perception of those who do not have money and the rich become hated. Since Fox could be captured as one of the elite, it would be wise to execute him in front of everyone to cripple Bruce. In the fact that Bruce could not save Fox from his execution and this will cripple Batman because Fox is his conscience. Without Fox, Batman becomes even more unethical. This eliminates the boundaries at which Batman has no limitations to violate the rights of the people to fight crime.

Would Fox die or not is now left up to Christopher Nolan to do as he wants with the character. The character will now always be part of the Batman universe as conscience and technology expert on giving Batman the most state-of-the-art equipment. If he dies, he will be missed.

In light of the last Roundtable, Roundtable 3, I do understand that there were tons of comments regarding the themes. I knew that Roundtable 3 was very long covering so many themes. I was wondering if I should go back to Roundtable 3 and make parts for those themes. I will place a poll down below if whether or not I should make parts to that discussion to continue more theories and speculations about the relation of Charles Dickens’ The Tale of Two Cities to The Dark Knight Rises.  This way everyone can comment on the themes one by one and it would more focused.

Comment below or on DKN Facebook  on the Roundtable discussion on whether you do or do not believe Lucius Fox will die? Do you think the statements made above are justifiable on the reason why Fox will die? Or do you think that killing Fox will not happen? Do you think that similar to Alfred who is a conscience for Bruce, that Fox is a conscience for Batman? Or do you think Fox’s role is just the guy with good whit and is just the technology guy? What do you see Fox’s role in Bruce/Batman’s life?

There will be another Roundtable discussion stay tuned! You guys make this Roundtable happen and I extremely grateful for this. Thanks for being awesome!