Shadows of The Bat Hang Over The Bat-Family

by James Byrd
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The Shadows of the Bat storyline will take front and center in the venerable Detective Comics title this winter, pushing the Bat-Family into the heart of the action.

I’m out of the office right now

Batman has left Gotham City, no doubt to go on one of those fancy journeys of self discovery, and his sons, exes and assorted minions have been left to police the only clinically insane city in the DCU. What could go wrong? Everything no doubt… but every once in a while Bruce has to pull a George Bailey and remove himself from the picture so we can remember how important he is to the world. Or the writers just get bored with him for a bit, it’s all the same really. Let’s just hope for some great stories featuring the Bat-Family!

Delegate, they tell me

Really, even if this this Dr. Wear guy doesn’t turn out to be the villain of the decade, and this Arkham Tower stuff doesn’t “reverberate through the DCU for years to come“, it looks like fans will be in for a heck of a ride. It’s a great opportunity to see our favorite members of the extended Bat-Family get some time in the signal light! Detective Comics series writer Mariko Tamaki continues on the title in February 2022, writing the main story for issues #1051 through #1054, joined by artist Max Raynor on all four weekly chapter.

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