Vertigo Roundup: Lucifer #4

by Eric Joseph
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lucifer 4

Writer: Holly Black

Artist: Lee Garbett

This month, Lucifer and Gabriel continue trekking through The Dreaming and things get rather surreal. As you may recall from my review of the previous issue, that’s an element I wanted to see a bit more of, so I’m quite glad that Holly Black and Lee Garbett sated my desire in that sense.

It seemed like the real focus of this issue, however, was on the subplot involving the mysterious demon in the jar, something that has been causing deadly mischief of late. I’m pleased to say it finally converges with the main story and, just as the sh!t is about to hit the fan, we run out of time. Perhaps we will get more answers next month in what I can only expect will be a read to remember.

As I’ve said in the past, this is a much different beast than the TV show and now I’m thinking that’s for the better. While several mysteries are at play here, Lucifer isn’t helping cops solve crimes, a ridiculous premise that is really starting to bog down the prime time series. But that’s a conversation for another day.


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