Batman vs. Superman Rewrite?

This is interesting. What does Argo and Batman vs. Superman have in common, besides Ben Affleck? Why, the writer of course!

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Warner Bros. is bringing the Academy Award-winning film’s writer, Chris Terrio, to write a draft for the movie. They say Terrio has a great relationship with both the studio and Affleck. I know what you’re thinking, “I thought David Goyer was writing the movie?”

*Sigh of relief*

Goyer wrote the screenplay, but Terrio has been brought in to get the script in shape before filming begins.

I think this move is good. An experienced writer, who is on good terms with the studio and one of the film’s stars, comes in with fresh eyes to help make this the best movie it can be. I’m happy with it, are you?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Ryan Lower

A lifelong fan of the Dark Knight, Ryan Lower grew up far from Gotham in Indiana but has planted roots in Chicago. A writer for a T.V. station, he also enjoys brooding at home in his own batcave, devouring Batman comics, shows and movies.