Batman vs. Superman: Which Hero Do These Actors Prefer?

Preferences pervade our lives; some of us may not like eggs, while some may enjoy daily rituals of egg-beating and cooking.

Some of us may prefer the human element of Batman, while others may prefer the superhuman element of Superman.  Some may simply prefer blackened Kevlar or grey man-tights to bulletproof skin and blue man-leggings.

All humans are susceptible to favoritism regarding superhero preferences, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Stan Lee, Javier Bardem, the third of whom prefers Mickey Mouse to other more conventional heroes.

Total Film asked a few celebrities about their favorite superheroes, allowing them to choose between Batman and Superman.

batman or superman

This is what Stan Lee had to say:

…Maybe I find Batman a little more interesting than Superman because he’s more fallible.

Check out the video to see what Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxxville, Natalie Portman, Jamie Foxx, and others had to say! The answers are pretty funny and insightful!

Source: Total Film