Smithsonian to gain Batman Memorabilia

by Blake Fuller
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The Batman mask worn by George Clooney in Batman and Robin, the Catwoman suit worn by Halle Berry and other Hollywood film items will be donated to a Smithsonian museum today.  Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer is scheduled to turn over more than 30 artifacts from 13 of his studio’s films to the National Museum of American History.

Specifically “the mask and cowl as well as a motorcycle license plate from “Batman & Robin” (1997); the intricate seven-piece costume (cowl, pants, boots, halter top, gloves, etc.) from “Catwoman” (2004)” will all be inducted to the Smithsonian.

This is quite the honor for Batman fans of the films.  While they weren’t the greatest (holy-nipple suits batman!), the purpose of the Joel Schumacher films were to be a more family friendly version of the caped crusader, rather than the darker and edgier version that we know from the more recent films and comics.  Clearly, the films were of enough importance to be accepted to the Smithsonian.  Do you agree?

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