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This is the third Fan Roundtable. Everyone has been doing great with their comments and I hope that everyone continues to be just as courtesy and respectful as we continue. I would also like to thank everyone for participating in the all posts.  Dark Knight News  has become very grateful for those who have engaged, participated, and bringing more fans to the site for more conversation on the site and on DKN Facebook. The team will continue to work hard in providing you the news and best on the site. So, without further ado let’s get to the Roundtable shall we?

Last week, Micah Russell, who is fan of the site expressed about having a discussion on The Tale of Two Cities. In an interview, Christopher Nolan stated that The Dark Knight Rises and The Tale of Two Cities had similar themes. The Tale of Two Cities was written by Charles Dickens who wrote about the social injustice between the French peasants and the French aristocracy. Where the aristocracy (the elite) financially and morally abuse the peasants, and the peasants attack back by rising against the elite causing the French Revolution.  I went back to reread the book and tried to find the themes presented throughout the book. There are about four themes which are resurrection, water, darkness and light, and social justice. At least three of four themes work with The Dark Knight Rises  and our interpretations of those themes will definitely be a great discussion.

The resurrection theme is huge in the first book of Tale of Two Cities as connection to the spirit of the main characters to come back into action. We do not know how the movie will begin, however, from the TV spots Bruce has been retired. Bruce will come back as Batman to uphold his cowl again. For Charles Dickens, the book plays around with the theme of Christianity. In which, Christ has died for the sins of the people to resurrect and lead the way to a new life. This is not to say that Batman will become Jesus Christ in anyway, but his sacrifice is huge as he stated in the third trailer. “Not everything, not yet.” It will be his last act for sure.

The water theme in the book suggests that the poor citizens who have been wronged by the elite are rising as a tide to drown the elite.  From what I see from the TV spots, Bane is found underground near the sewer main lines. Now, I cannot say that Bane’s plan is to drown Gotham City still the water has be an element in the movie. However, what Nolan did to replace the water theme in Dicken’s book is by saying “The Fire Rises.”  Fire is a more powerful natural element to use, which can mean anger, passion, and vengeance. For the citizens of Gotham that could actually be the case. I believe since the Harvey Dent Act, the elite has started to become the legal criminals taking money away from the citizens of Gotham. Bane will come to liberate Gotham in a way that will ultimately destroy them as well.

The theme of darkness and light is of course, the subject of good and evil.  In Dickens’ book it is not between the male characters, but the female characters. Now, this might be very difficult because we have no idea if Catwoman or Miranda Tate (Talia al Ghul) is of light or darkness. I do believe that Catwoman might have a face off against Miranda Tate, but it will not be so serious. Since Marion Cotillard was pregnant during the production of the movie. However, when it comes between judging who is of light and who is of dark;  the two characters, Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Talia al Ghul are probably one of the darkest female characters in the Batman universe. In my opinion, I do think that Talia al Ghul is the darkest between the two women. Whereas, Catwoman who has a better moral compass when it comes to compassion and a bit of mercy depending on the situation. So, when it comes to judging who be the light or who the be dark; I think the question is who will do the just thing?

Social justice is a major theme throughout the book, in which the poor citizens rise against the elite. The people take justice into their own hands give sentence to those who have wronged them. Now, many believe that Bruce caused Bane to become who he is in Batman Begins after he burned down the castle. We do not know if Bane is after Batman because of that incident, but it a good theory. What we do know is that there is a rise against the elite of Gotham City. This is similar to the world economy, where the legal criminals are the corporations and the elite who have become richer at the expense of citizens. As  fellow DKN team member, Adam, stated ” the movie will create a reaction out of everyone.” As of right now, the world economy has plunged and it affects many world countries today causing social riots and protests.

There is one more theme however, it is not considered a theme at all. Instead, it is an element. Doppelganger is when there is a double or a look-alike of a person. Throughout the book, there are two characters who look very much alike. One character is always mistaken to be the other character, in which this saves that character’s life from execution. It is going to be a long shot, but I do believe that John Blake and Bruce Wayne are doppelgangers in The Dark Knight Rises.  Now, it is theorized that John Blake will take the mantle of being Batman while Bruce is away. This could ultimately save Bruce’s life. In which, the photos from the set shows the two characters speaking with each other secretly.

These are the major themes and these might be covered in The Dark Knight Rises. Since I have covered most of them. I am interested in what you think about these themes. How would you see these themes related to The Dark Knight Rises? Do you see now the themes of The Tale of Two Cities? Comment below on your theories  because Dark Knight News is interested in your responses. Thank you for being awesome and continue to comment on the posts. We do enjoy interacting and commenting back.