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If you are a music junkie like me, you have played The Dark Knight Rises trailer #2 a hundred and ten times just to listen to Hans Zimmer’s awesome work at film scoring.

For all the music junkies out there on the Dark Knight News, something is brewing on the Youtube scene and it is burning the coal for Hans Zimmer addicts. There is a music fan out there whom I will call “The Fan” who recreated the film scoring of The Dark Knight Rises’ “The Fire Rises.”  It is not an official film scoring of Zimmer’s work still it is totally bad ass to hear. It is quite impressive, courageous, and creative to produce such piece of music by using The Dark Knight Rises film trailer and prologue. Now, recreating such piece using the only two sources of Zimmer’s work should deter even the most ambitious fan from trying. However, “The Fan” gave it a shot and I must say the shot is EARGASMIC!  PATEINTLY!  Zimmer fans twiddle their thumbs as they wait out the dreaded spring into the teasing summer.  “The Fan” gives us a dose to calm the anxiousness.

“The Fan” goes by the name of Heavenbaby06   on Youtube and by FFDream10 on Final Fantasy Shrine Board letting friends and Zimmer lovers to hear the piece online.  “The Fan” had some challenges along the way describing the experience on Youtube:

“After watching the prologue, I thought how cool it would be if someone made a re-orchestration of the cue. So I decided to take the matter into my own hands, and well this was no quick achievement (not as I initially thought!). I basically had to use different sources from CAM versions found on the web to make it as identical rhythmically and of course musically as I possibly could.”

As I said before “The Fan” is courageous and creative. “The fan” discusses their admiration for Hans Zimmer on Final Fantasy Shrine Broad:

“Frankly I’m not the biggest Hans Zimmer fan, but I’m probably one of his biggest admirers. He knows how to be effective without just being the loudest out there. I wish certain people wouldn’t consider him as just being the “epic sound” guy. He’s just someone who is very passionate about film music, knows he’s good at what he does, is very intuitive about things and knows when something REALLY fits, and all the more important, he has a very good ear… and that I can relate to.”

“Impressive, SIR” as Chester Cheetah would say, it is quite amazing that even if this fan is not a total Hans Zimmer fan, this person still found Zimmer’s work…inspirational to recreate. I am kind of going a limb here I cannot help, but think of Zimmer as Bane a little. Zimmer sits down and orchestrates something new and different. He even invites the world to help him create a universal chant. Even after the prologue and trailer # 2, Dark Knight fans, Zimmer fans, and non-musical people are just enthralled by the simple score itself. Zimmer started THE FIRE and now some of us are adding to his epic cause to make his work “The Bad Ass” of all film scores.

I do not know maybe it is me. Maybe it is because I am a film scoring/music junkie, but I am totally stoked for this summer. “The fan” gave me the dose I needed to last me awhile. So, tell me what you guys think? Do you think that “The Fan” totally did well for recreating the Hans Zimmer “sound?” Maybe you or someone out there did as great of a job recreating Hans Zimmer’s “sound?” If you have comment below and send us a link to your Youtube video, we are all fans trying to make it to this summer’s epic movie.

If you like to read more about “The Fan” please go to the sources below and check them out.

Source- Cosmic Alliance, Youtube, and Final Fantasy Shrine Board


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