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It seems that everyone cannot get enough of The Dark Knight Rises trailer. I am very sure neither can you, but it just seems so epic that everyone wants to be part of the The Dark Knight madness. Abed does!

If you have not seen NBC’s comedy prime time show, Community. I guarantee that if you do you will either be smiling from ear to ear or remember a quote or two from the show. The show went on hiatus for a few weeks to allow new NBC shows to broadcast in their time slot. Now the show is coming back this March to bring a whole new kind of hell.

One of the characters of the show is a real, I mean REAL Dark Knight fan. His name is Abed and when I say, REAL I mean REAL! He is probably worst than the rest of us. The character emulates how we as fans feel about The Dark Knight. THE DARK KNIGHT IS SO AWESOME THAT WE REMEMBER EVERY QUOTE, DO EVERY STUNT, WEAR EVERY CLOTHING, AND BUY EVERYTHING THAT IS THE DARK KNIGHT!

So if you have not seen the show, give it a try. It is worth the thirty minutes. So, without further ado I give you the “Community Season 3/The Dark Knight Rises Parody. Enjoy guys and comment below. Tell me if you are a fan of the show, if you think too many people are using The Dark Knight Rises parodies, or if just plain ole love seeing people become so excited about the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises film?


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