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Ok…before you go off running to the hill tops screaming “Why…WHY…WHY, WHY, WHY?!” Hear me out; Warner Bros.  and DC comics  HAS NOT sold out to the theatrics like Spiderman. Here’s the thing, StarKid Productions is making a Batman musical called Holy Musical [email protected]! It is a parody musical made only for the enjoyment of comic book fans who love both the theatre and Batman. I must say it sounds kind of cool. Here’s what StarKid Productions have to say about their musical:

“After witnessing the murder of his parents, a young billionaire makes a solemn vow to dress up like a bat and wage a one man war on crime! But when this solitary savior realizes that ‘one’ is the loneliest number to wage a war with, he’ll set off on a musical adventure to rescue the city from the greatest super-villain of all time and find a super friend. So join us in celebrating/poking-fun-at everyone’s second favorite superhero (right after Spider-man)!”

Ok, so they were inspired by Spiderman’s Turn off the Dark and also this production did their own musical numbers. Quite ambitious, I think? Maybe Hans Zimmer might give a smirk their way if it comes along his way. I say this, it’s Batman and well I guess I’ll be a supporter for anyone who has the guts to make a musical out of The Dark Knight. Plus, it’s free. You really cannot beat a free show. Really…you can’t.

Holy Musical [email protected] will be coming out on March 22-25 at 7pm in Chicago. If you are in the Chicago area or just visiting you should go and check them out. Nothing beats a free show. NOTHING! If you cannot make it to Chicago,  StarKid Productions will post up the musical on Youtube in April.

Here’s a little trailer of their musical and tell me would you go see it? Do you think they’re a little ambitious to take this on? Or do you think maybe…just maybe someone out there might be interested in them and actually make the Holy Musical [email protected] a Broadway musical? Leave your comments below. If you are interested in finding out more about StarKid Productions, there are links below to follow them.

StarKid Productions-


Trailer: Holy Musical [email protected] 
Source: StarKid Productions via Chicagoist HOLY MUSICAL [email protected]! TRAILER via Topless Robot