Review: Catwoman #50

by Adam Ray
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“Furious Hearts” – Part Three, and “The Aftermath”
Writer: Tini Howard
Artists: Nico Leon, Iñaki Miranda, Juan Ferreyra
Color Artists: Veronica Gandini, Juan Ferreyra, Lee Loughridge
Letterers: Lucas Gattoni, Deron Bennett
Review by Adam Ray

Catwoman #50 brings Punchline into the conflict that’s been brewing, both here and in the current run of her own mini-series. Oh, and we also see the blessed return of the Big Bad Bat.

Many neatly dangling story threads from previous issues are tied up here too, giving an uncertain but exciting look at the future. Issue #50 pulls out all the stops to bring us a very special chapter in Selina’s life.

The story that’s been building both here and in Punchline: The Gotham Game really comes to a head here. The classic beats we’ve come to expect from Catwoman, and the heist-like planning of how best to strike, gives readers a real calm before the storm feeling. Thankfully, these do little to spoil the issue’s dramatic conclusion. That level of surprise is essential for any comic, let alone a 50th-issue special.

The changes in tone are exemplified by the artwork in “The Aftermath” stories. Tini Howard has rewarded us with side characters that are both deep and real, ones that we truly care enough about to see their reactions to Catwoman’s change of situation. The rushes of color perfectly match the mood; the sickly green of Eiko’s reaction, to the comforting purples of being back home.

Pages 7-16 of “The Aftermath” so clearly sum up why I love the dynamic between Bruce and Selina when it’s handled well by the creative team. The muted grey colors serve to both show off the literal prison they’re in and match the deeply somber mood. Each expression feels photographic; the sutures on Bruce’s face and the bags under Selina’s eyes make them feel so real.


Catwoman #50 delights and shocks with the loss of familiar faces and the deadly clash between two new rivals. The art team throws deep emotions at us with perfect art, and leaves us all ready for fifty more issues, and beyond.

8 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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