Review: ‘The Batman’ and ‘Joker’ Official Script Books *Gift Idea*

by Steve J Ray
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The Batman: The Official Script Book


Matt Reeves & Peter Craig




Joker: The Official Script Book


Todd Phillips & Scott Silver




Published by Insight Editions
Review by Steve J. Ray

Batman: The Official Script Book and Joker: The Official Script Book are two beautiful volumes from Insight Editions that would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves these iconic films. As a huge movie fan, I’ve always loved comic book adaptations, novelizations, and behind-the-scenes, making of books, so these two treasures blew my mind.

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Todd Phillips’ Joker and Matt Reeves’ The Batman are two of the greatest comic book-inspired movies of all time. They’re edgy, dark, and textured, yet entertaining. They’re visually mesmerizing, brilliantly written, and impeccably cast.

The Batman: The Official Script Book

The books contain:

  • The complete shooting scripts
  • Promotional images
  • Color stills
  • Extended interviews with Matt Reeves, in The Batman book, and Todd Phillips, for Joker
  • The genesis and production of both projects, including collaborating with Joaquin Phoenix and directing Robert De Niro
  • Making the Batmobile jump through fire, the challenges of moviemaking during a pandemic, and more…

The director interviews alone are worth the price of admission, but when combined with glorious photos, promo images, and the original scripts, these books become must-have items. I had enormous fun watching the films again, books in hand, looking out for differences between what we have on the page and the final on-screen product.

Joker: The Official Script Book

Some changes are incredibly subtle, while others are pretty big. I’m not going to spoil anything here because there’s a ton of enjoyment to be had reading these volumes. You don’t have to be as ultra-nerdy as I was, and compare them side by side, as the books are great to read on their own.

They’re also beautifully made and bound, as one would expect from Insight Editions. When you open The Batman, you’re welcomed by a bright red inside cover and first page, while Joker‘s versions are dark green.

These books would be lovely to receive as individual gifts but are an absolute delight as a package deal. Not only do they have matching covers, but the spines also line up, with a stylized Bat on one, and a letter J on the other. They look gorgeous on my bookshelf and will be just as amazing on yours.


As items of movie memorabilia go, these two wonderful books are top-tier. They’re great for comics fans, movie-buffs, or – like me – those wonderful super-nerds who adore both mediums. If you’re looking for a special gift for the Batfan in your life, look no further. Both books are available to pre-order now, direct from Insight Editions, Simon & Schuster, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all good booksellers.

Both books go on sale on November 15th, 2022.

Pick them up, you won’t be sorry.

Batman: The Official Script Book – ISBN 978-1-64722-883-5

Joker: The Official Script Book – ISBN 978-1-64722-891-0

Images and preview copies courtesy of Insight Editions/Simon & Schuster

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