The Joker Is Coming to Multiversus

by Adam Ray
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We’ve covered some exciting Batman-related Video Game news on Dark Knight News over the years, and even stories about Warner Bros’ frenetic battler, Multiversus. Even after the frenetic platformer battler got its much-needed facelift, there’s been a great deal of quiet excitement around the game, but as of the 8th, we have a welcome new character joining the action!

Yes, the Joker Is Coming to Multiversus! The Clown Prince of Crime, and the definitive Batman villain, will be there amongst characters like Arya Stark, Jake the Dog, and Shaggy of Mystery Inc. as a playable fighter. The villain looks like he’ll employ his comedically large gun and poisonous pies in a play style similar to Bugs Bunny.

More importantly, the iconic voice of the Joker is back in full force, with Mark Hamill bringing life to the Clown Prince alongside Kevin Conroy’s legendary Batman.

You can read all the details and see his reveal trailer right here:

New MultiVersus Cinematic Trailer Reveals DC Super-Villain The Joker Feat. the Voice of Actor Mark Hamill as Upcoming Playable Character

Warner Bros. Games today released a new MultiVersus cinematic trailer revealing The Joker as the latest playable character to join the upcoming free-to-play platform fighter. Voiced by actor Mark Hamill, who previously played the iconic DC Super-Villain in the Batman: Arkham video game series and Batman: The Animated SeriesThe Joker will be available when MultiVersus launches on May 28, 2024.

Multiversus returns with The Joker on May 28. Now we want to hear from you, are you excited to see the game come back with Mark Hamill’s Joker? Let us know on our socials or in the comments below.

Images and Video Content Courtesy of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Games

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