Winston Duke Wants to Play Batman In Live Action

by Eric Lee
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Black Panther actor Winston Duke is trying to start an online campaign started for him to play Batman in live-action.

During his promotional rounds for his new film Fall Guy, Duke made no secret that he wants to play the Dark Knight on the big screen. 

Listen, man, can you start that [campaign]? [Laughs] I would say I challenge you to get on all these socials and push for me. Get your community. I would love to. I would love to do that as Batman. I’d love any opportunity to explore new characters, to change narratives around some of these entrenched ideas of how these characters are supposed to look, sound, and perform. I’m all for it.”

‘Batman: Unburied’ Starred Winston Duke

The wild thing is that Duke has played Batman before, as a voice actor in the scripted podcast Batman: Unburied, even though the show featured a dramatically different version of the character beyond Duke playing him. In this story, Bruce Wayne was a forensic pathologist who was dating Barbara Gordon, and his parents were still alive before he became Batman. When there are major changes to the source material like this, it’s easier for fans to associate it as an alternative variant version of the character.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting to hear casting news for the DCU Batman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In addition to Duke showing interest in the role, Jake Gyllenhaal said it would be an “honor”. , the current Jack Ryan actor, Alan Ritchson, has also voiced his interest in potentially playing the Dark Knight in that movie. 


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