‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ Trailer Drops

by Eric Lee
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The trailer for the anticipated sequel Joker: Folie à Deux shows a magical musical journey between Arthur Fleck and Harley Quinn.

‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ Trailer Breakdown

The clip begins with Arthur exactly where we last saw him at the end of the first Joker: in Arkham Asylum. It looks pretty bad for him as he seems to be just rotting in his cell.

One day he passes a certain Harleen Quinzel in the the facility’s choir room. From there, we see a series of brief interactions between the two characters. This culminates in an epic dance number, with Joker in full makeup on top of a roof that’s decorated with a giant electric sign reading “Hotel Arkham”.


From there, we’re treated to various scenes of the Joker and Harley causing trouble. One has Harley with her full clown makeup and coordinated suit walking up the court steps amongst the press and protestors. The one that’s the most memorable shows Harley and Arthur talking through a glass prison phone line. Harley draws a red smile on the window in front of a sad-looking Arthur with her fingers. He then moves and curls his face to match the red smile.

All of this is played over a melodic version of the classic What the World Needs Now is Love, with lyrics by Hal David and music composed by Burt Bacharach. It’s pretty cool, to say the least.

The trailer wastes no time in setting the somber tone of the film, and it also shows that the movie is a musical. While the trailer doesn’t feature either Joaquin Phoenix or Lady Gaga singing, it shows plenty of musical tropes, like big dance numbers and the Joker on the piano.

There’s also a poster that was released in anticipation of the trailer. It features the Joker and Harley in the middle of a dance.

Joker: Folie à Deux hits theaters in North America on October 6, 2024.

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