DC’s ‘Absolute Power’ Will Dominate Comics in July

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics have announced tie-in titles for their summer crossover event, Absolute Power.

The story will feature heroes losing their powers. The timing could not be worse, since they’re going up against the combined might of Amanda Waller, the Brainiac Queen, and Failsafe.

Mark Waid and Dan Mora will lead the main series. However, DC will be providing a ton of tie-ins to expand upon the primary story.

The tie-ins start with the prelude specials. On Free Comic Book Day (May 4th), DC will give away copies of the 2024 FCBD Special Edition. It will be a 12-page prologue that recaps all of the events leading up to the event. Mark Waid and Mikel Janín are the creative team on the prologue, which will also preview Absolute Power #1.

Next comes the one-shot Ground Zero #1, which will detail the events of Waller and the Suicide Squad coming together alongside Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen. The special features an all-star roster of creators: Mark Waid, Nicole Maines, Joshua Williamson, and Chip Zdarsky. Artists will include Gleb Melnikov, Ken Marion, and Skylar Patridge. Ground Zero #1 comes out on June 25.

Free Comic Book Day Absolute Power Special Edition
Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1
Absolute Power #1
Absolute Power #1 Variant

Absolute Power: Task Force VII

Once the main series starts on July 3rd when DC will roll out tie-ins that relate to the main series. First up is Task Force VII starting on July 10th. This will be a biweekly companion series that shows the events of the main series from the villains’ perspective. The mini-series will also have a rotating creative team and will focus on different characters. From the covers, it looks like the series will also spotlight the various new Amazo robots that stole the powers from all the heroes.

Task Force VII #1 will also feature the SHAZAM! family and will also show readers a Superman Amazo called Last Son. Leah Williams will handle the script, and Caitlin Yarsky the art. Task Force VII #2 will introduce Depth Charge, the Aquaman Amazo, and will also feature Mera and the rest of the Aqua family. John Layman and Max Rayner are the creative team.

Task Force VII #3 also features a Green Lantern Amazo called Jadestone battling the Justice Society; however, the twist is that the android seems to have gained sentience after absorbing Alan Scott’s willpower. Green Lantern writer Jeremy Adams and artist Marco Santucci will be the creative team.

Separately, in July we will have Absolute Power: Origins #1 (of 3) written by Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley, along with artist Alisha Martinez. As the name implies, Origins will explore Amanda Waller’s backstory and how she became so vehemently opposed to metahumans. It comes out July 24.

Running Series Tie-Ins

Beyond the mini-series, there will also be tie-ins that run alongside the regular running titles. On July 2nd, Batman #150 will feature the regular creative team of Chip Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, and Mike Hawthorne. The tie-in story highlights Batman and Catwoman on a mission to get Waller.

On July 17th, Wonder Woman #11 will show Diana battling her Amazo counterpart. The regular series writer, Tom King, will be joined by Belen Ortega, and Tony Daniel on art.

Superman #16 comes out on the same day. The Man of Steel’s injured after his encounter with the Last Son, so has to team up with Zantanna and don his super-cool black suit. Regular series writer Joshua Williamson will be re-joined by former Superman artist Jamal Campbell.

With all of these tie-ins, this series is shaping up to be the event of the season. Issue #1 hits comic shops and digital on July 3rd.

Source: DC.com

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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