Funko Release Batman and The Joker POP Double Pack

by Louise Dempsey
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Funko has released a new POP! two-pack bundle that features Batman and The Joker, from the Tim Burton Batman movie. Released in 1989, Batman saw the caped crusader in his first full-length feature film, taking on arguably his most notorious foe, the Joker. It reignited everyone’s love for Batman and launched a film franchise that has taken in billions at the box office.


This amazing Pop! double pack not only features Michael Keaton’s Batman (my personal favorite), but you’ll also find the Joker himself, as he appears in the 1989 classic portrayed by Jack Nicholson, who is without a doubt, my favorite Joker.


The Batman POP! features the Dark Knight’s classic black Batsuit from the movie and the Joker is dressed in his tuxedo jacket, checked trousers, and top hat. The Joker also has his feather poison pen. This is the sixth POP! from the 1989 movie to be released by Funko, but it is the first double pack. The other POPs in the 1989 collection include Batman, Batman patina exclusive, The Joker standard and metallic, and the infamous Joker chase POP! which has the purple metallic beret and was notoriously hard to get hold of for a while. I really love this pack because it is the first 1989 Joker POP! to feature a different outfit from the movie, all three of the other POPs that were released had the exact same outfit with just a different hat or partly metallic. This POP! bundle is sure to be a Funko fan favorite and would make an excellent addition to any Batman/Funko fans collection.

This POP! two-pack bundle is a Gamestop exclusive and is now available to order from their website.

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