Batman Day: New Photos of Batfleck Released

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

In case you missed it, yesterday was Batman Day. A day when the world celebrates 81 years (and counting) of the Dark Knight. If you missed it, I will sic the hyenas on you because, as a Batfan, you are legally obligated to recognize Batman Day. (We are currently working on getting the US government to recognize it as a national holiday). Lots of cool stuff was announced yesterday and behaving like a nationally-recognized holiday, WB/DC celebrated with consumerism. Killing two bats with one stone, we got new photos of Batfleck. Celebrating both Batman Day and promoting the #SnyderCut. (The official name of which seems to have finally settled on The Director’s Cut of Justice League.)

The last live-action Batman to grace the big screen was Ben Affleck. Affectionately known as Batfleck, he played the character three times. Despite those films having varying degrees of popularity, Batfleck’s take on the character remains one of the more beloved. Personally, he remains my favorite live-action Batman to date. Affleck has since left the role for a number of reasons, but we will be seeing him again. His most anticipated appearance comes in 2021, in the #SnyderCut.

Yesterday, WB/DC showed him some love in order to promote the upcoming miniseries. On the official SnyderCut Twitter, a fairly blatant promotion post provided a closeup look at Batfleck in costume.

Batfleck in the #SnyderCut

Take a look:

The photo looks to have been taken under the Gotham Harbor, where the JL rescued some civilians and met Steppenwolf’s army. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal anything new. However, it’s still a pretty nice shot.

“Rage at Injustice”

Zack Snyder also joined in the festivities by posting his own photos of Batfleck. As the director, he likely had access to better stills. Therefore, he provided much cooler shots. Although they’re perfectly timed to promote the #SnyderCut, the photos are from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Take a look:

Shrouded in shadow, he’s sporting his mech suit. I’m assuming this was during their fight, as they made their way into an abandoned building. I just love the light and debris flying in the air. Though you can make out some details, he’s mostly shrouded in darkness, except for those glowing eyes. So darn cool.

Snyder would eventually dig through his Camera Roll and find another shot of Affleck sans Batsuit.

I can place this shot at two different points in BvS. It’s either at the beginning, when he visits the dilapidated Wayne Manor, or at the end, after he purchases the Kent Farm. What do you think? Either way, it’s a beautiful shot of Affleck in a field.

Happy Batman Day to Ben Affleck, and all the previous actors who brought our favorite superhero to life!

What do you think about these new photos of Batfleck? Awesome? Or a waste of time? Excited for the #SnyderCut?

The #SnyderCut will hit HBOMax in 2021.

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