Ben Affleck Praises Fans For Snyder Cut Support

by Chris Foti
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Article by Chris Foti

Earlier this week, Zack Snyder announced, at the end of his Man of Steel live-stream, that the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League will be released on HBO Max in 2021. Ben Affleck our former Batman, is amongst many who have supported the cause.

It’s been two and a half years since Justice League hit theaters and ever since, fans have been demanding Snyder’s original cut of the film, instead of the Frankenstein monster version we ended up getting in theaters. When HBO Max was first announced, fans gained hope that this could be a platform to release the Snyder Cut, given its streaming rights to DC films.

Now that it’s real, people have been showing their support to Snyder for finally getting to show his vision of the film. Ben Affleck, who played Batman in Snyder’s Batman v Superman and Justice League, appeared on Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast to leave a message praising the fans for their support.

Affleck recently opened up about how his experiences on Justice League, with all the re-shoots and re-writes and replacing Snyder with Joss Whedon, ultimately caused him to walk away from the role of Batman. While promoting A Way Back, Affleck speaks about his time as Batman and you can just tell he enjoyed working on BvS a lot more than JL.

It’s great to see the outpouring of support for Zack Snyder now that his vision of Justice League is becoming a reality. While I don’t fully agree with everything he was doing, I think his vision of the DC Universe had some interesting ideas and I wanted to see where they led. 

Shoulder Snyder’s Justice League hit well with fans, it’s unknown if WB will continue with the 5 film arc he had planned from the beginning. It seems unlikely, but, so did the Snyder Cut… so anything is possible.

What do you think about Zack Snyder finally getting to release his cut of Justice League?

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