Sideshow Present Three New Catwoman Fine Art Prints

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

Sideshow are knocking it out of the park once more, as they present three new Catwoman fine art prints. These new Deluxe Diamond Dust pieces are by renowned pin-up artist Olivia De Berandinis and are quite simply, stunning!

Chat Noir

“Don’t try to tame her!” – Based on Michelle Pfeiffer’s electrifying performance as Catwoman, in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, Chat Noir embodies all the dangerous allure of the feline femme fatale in one stunning display. Beware the beast behind this beauty! From her iconic stitched catsuit to her deadly claws, Catwoman’s wild style shines through here, captured by her sultry gaze and striking red lips.


“The thought of busting Batman makes me feel all…dirty!” – Clawsplay captures Michelle Pfeiffer’s sultry and sensational performance as the feline femme fatale Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Wearing her iconic stitched catsuit, Selina Kyle gives herself a quick cleaning after a busy day of getting the better of Batman, enticing the viewer with her antagonistic allure. She’s surrounded by a gathering of black cats, each with its own distinct character as these fine felines recline on a luxurious bed.

Tongue Lashing

“A kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it…” – This intimate illustration perfectly captures Catwoman delivering a wicked tongue lashing to an unsuspecting Bruce Wayne, inspired by a heated on-screen moment between Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Dressed in their iconic costumes and spotlighted against a black and gold background, the Cat and the Bat make a deadly pairing in this dazzling collectible.


The new Sideshow Catwoman fine art prints are faithfully reproduced from the artist’s original paintings. They preserve the portraits’ quite incredible detail and are from Sideshow’s Art Print Program.

Embellished in a process which utilises silk screens and glass diamond dust, they give a wonderful sparkling effect. Each print is hand signed by the artist herself and come with a seal of authenticity. Furthermore, the prints will also be limited to only 99 pieces.

These prints, as with all of Olivia De Beradini’s work are absolutely beautiful. They would grace any wall that they’re placed on.

With a price of $4000 these really are for the true collector. Therefore, if anyone out there enjoys this article and is feeling almighty generous… yes, I would gladly accept one.

The prints are available to pre-order now via the Sideshow website. If you’re lucky enough to bag one, please let us know.

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