New DC Comics Fine Art Prints from Sideshow

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

Sideshow Collectibles, specialist manufacturers of collectable figures, statues and more have previewed a number of new items. Artist Olivia De Berardinis has created some new, and quite wonderful dust fine art prints from Sideshow. These prints will feature three of the finest female actors – and the characters they portrayed – to have appeared in DC Comics movies.

These XL Deluxe Diamond Dust Fine Art Prints will feature:

Each print is very limited and only 99 pieces being are produced. Pre-orders for both framed and unframed options will launch on September 16th.

For those who are big fans of these three feisty females I would heartily recommend taking a look. If you have the means to splash the cash these are must buy items.

Given half the chance, the Harley Quinn print will be making its way to me. What do you make of these great new fine art prints from Sideshow? Let us know in the comments.

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