Insight Editions Announce “Batman: Definitive Edition” Book For October

by Max Byrne
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Article by Max Byrne

Fans of the Dark Knight are in for a treat in October, as Insight Editions release “Batman: The Definitive Guide to The Dark Knight.” This 304 page spectacular is a must have for any serious Bast-Fan, as it delves deep into his 80 year history.

Written by Andrew Farago and Gina McIntyre, the book traces Batman’s history across eight years of comics, cartoons, live-action TV shows, and major motion pictures. Featuring exciting never-before-seen imagery and commentary from key writers, artists, filmmakers and more. The book also includes a variety of removable items, providing a unique, immersive experience for fans.

Comprehensive, compelling and filled with unseen treasures, this is truly an essential purchase. Revel in the wonderful cover art below!

Since his debut in Detective Comics #27 (1939), Batman has become an iconic part of popular culture. From his early days as a master sleuth to his campy, T.V. show in the 1960s, and gritty reinvention in the latter 20th century, Batman has remained popular as a rare comic-book hero without super powers: a man with genius-level intellect, mastery of martial arts and a singular, obsessive mission to rid his city of crime, whatever the cost!

Available to pre-order now through Amazon, Insight Editions are setting the bar high yet again, following their quite wonderful releases “Anatomy of a Metahuman” and “Masters Of Comics.” The last word in quality reading, do yourselves a favour and get an order placed as soon as possible.

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