Is ‘Batwoman’ a Definite For The CW Line-Up?

Article by Sam McTernan

Batwoman formally became part of the CW’s roster of characters last year but is she definitely getting her own show?

Well it certainly looks like it. Deadline have been keeping tabs on pilot episodes for the 2019/20 TV season and it appears Batwoman is a lock to join the CW line up. Following a successful introduction in the Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover event, I’m sure this will come as no surprise.

Actress Ruby Rose, who plays the hero and her alter-ego Kate Kane, successfully showcased the character and quickly had fans excited for a solo outing. Well, now it looks like we’re on the right path.

Following the news that Arrow will be coming to end was a shock to many and will leave a large opening in the DC TV series, over at the CW. Many suspected that with the introduction of Batwoman that this show could be a likely replacement, especially as she’s a darker vigilante type character, much like Oliver Queen.

Although there hasn’t been any formal announcement as yet, Batwoman is expected to be announced as a full series around May this year.

The show’s villain, Alice, has been announced and cast as have Kate Kane’s father and Luke Fox. Which other characters would you like to see?

Let us know us if the Batwoman has you excited, I certainly am.

Sam McTernan

Sam McTernan

Sam is a Scottish artist and writer based in Edinburgh. He has been a Batman and comics fan for as long he can remember, This is a passion thankfully shared by his children.