Kevin Conroy and Paul Dini Discuss the Animated Series

by Adam Ray
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It’s hard to believe Batman: The Animated Series is celebrating 26 years of existence and still holds relevance. Many fans still call the series the truest adaptation of Batman out there, and it’s hard to argue.

The fine people at Warner Bros are reissuing the whole series on Blu-Ray. This digital remaster is something that fans have been clamoring for. This will be the first chance to see the unique animation, drawn on black paper, brought into crisp HD clarity.

At San Diego Comic Con Kevin Conroy, and writer, Paul Dini, discussed their enduring love of the show.

Paul Dini: I just think the show looks better over time. It has that sort of permanence and feeling that’ll be around for a while.

Kevin Conroy: When I go to comic cons, I interact with the fans a lot. Which isn’t something you could do in the 90’s. I hear parents introducing their kids to the show. It’s a trans-generational kind of show.

There is something quite special about a portrayal so true that any fan of any age can enjoy it. It’s that which has made The Animated Series so timeless.

Treasured Find

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman discussed his journey to getting that position. Going on a whim, because he happened to be in the area during the casting call, he was:

An actor making the right choice.

He still fondly remembers seeing Bruce Timm and voice director Andrea Romano’ s faces fill with excitement.

The show was also the humble beginning for one of DC’s most popular characters: Harley Quinn. Paul Dini, her creator describes her as:

Cousin in the family who went on to be a rock star. I still feel a connection, but she’s come so far from the little stories I used to throw her into.

It’s humbling that in the time since The Animated Series ended, the contributors still hold as much love for it as we do. See Conroy and Dini’s full discussion here.

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