Chris McKay Teases Nightwing Film Announcement

by Chris Foti
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It’s been almost a year since The LEGO Batman Movie’s director Chris McKay was announced as the director of a Nightwing solo film. Since that time however, we have learned very little about the project. In fact, the entire DC Films universe seems to be up in the air.

Justice League failed to impress both critics and fans, so with the lack of news on any projects not named Aquaman (coming out this December), many fans felt like WB was abandoning the shared DC Films universe. There were even rumors that Matt Reeves’s solo Batman films will be it’s own standalone world and would not star Ben Affleck.

So when it seemed like DC was having trouble with their most popular characters, secondary characters such as Nightwing could forget about ever seeing their own film. Last month however, McKay assured fans that there will be progress with Nightwing in the New Year, and recently he echoed those sentiments.

While McKay says in his tweet that it is too early to discuss casting, we should be getting an update around Valentine’s Day.

It’s great to see McKay so excited and passionate about this project. Last fall, he talked about how Dick Grayson is a character that almost everyone knows, but hasn’t really gotten his due on the big screen. He also talks about how his film will be focused on practical effects (much like Nolan’s Batman trilogy) as opposed to CGI heavy (like what Snyder favors).

Although McKay thinks it’s too early to be discussing casting, that hasn’t stopped fans and stars from petitioning who should be the original Boy Wonder. During press for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Nick Jonas expressed interest in the role. The Maze Runner’s star Dylan O’Brien’s name was put into the ring, as well, by costar Dexter Darden. With The Maze Runner‘s final film The Death Cure releasing this weekend, it seems like Dylan’s schedule just opened up for another starring franchise role.

Unfortunately, nothing is still concrete and we’re going to have to wait a couple of weeks until McKay drops his announcement. Perhaps it’ll be a release date? Maybe he’ll let us know the script is complete? Who knows. Until then, Nightwing fans can whet their appetites of what could possibly be with this fan made trailer.

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