The Justice League Experience – Live From London

by Steve J Ray
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I was at my keyboard, writing up my latest report when the call came. I was needed urgently at the Hall Of Justice, London Division. I had been chosen as one of the select few to record the arrival of top secret artefacts, and ensure their safe-keeping. I had been chosen to attend The Justice League Experience.

Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg have transported spare sets of their armor, along with select items of strategic importance to my home town, after uncovering the threat of an imminent invasion from Apokolips. Hordes of Para-Demons led by Steppenwolf – uncle to Darkseid – are expected to invade the Earth on November 17th 2017.

The Hall Of Justice is a sight to behold, and the treasures therein even moreso. Batman’s Flying Fox, along with a cache of razor sharp Batarangs. At the centre of the cockpit stands the Dark Knight’s stealth armor, ready for action should he require it.

At the Bat-Computer images flash and data streams. Within these files are held the top-secret schematics for this flying battleship, and the arsenal of weapons it holds within.

One Heck Of A Justice League Experience

The entire League is represented here. Spare battle armor worn by Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg also have pride of place in the Hall. Surrounded by these items, one can truly feel the power within them, and derive inspiration from their presence.

War Of The Worlds

Batman has truly gathered around him an army capable of saving our world. The Dark Knight has protected Gotham City for many years, and he helped defend Metropolis alongside Wonder Woman, and Superman. When Doomsday attacked, the Man Of Steel was lost. I can’t help but feel that some of our hope passed with him.

Whatever happens, I will bear with pride the honor that the Justice League have bestowed upon me. Like Clark Kent, fellow reporter who was also lost during Doomsday’s assault, I will report the facts from the front line. I will try to be the hero I know that I can be, and I will deliver truth and justice to the best of my ability.

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Whatever happens, I’m all in!

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