‘Justice League Action’ Sneak Peek with Character Designer Shane Glines

by Logan Cooley
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Character designer Shane Glines gives an inside look on his designs for the first Justice League cartoon in 10 years. In addition to a sneak peek at a Batman/Green Arrow team-up, we get firsthand details on some of the big names to be featured and what to expect from Justice League Action.

In the clip, we find Batman chasing down a creature. During the chase, Superman sends in back up that Batman insists in unnecessary. After Superman begins losing the signal, Green Arrow lands on the hood of the Batmobile. He manages to snare the beast with a net arrow. Slamming the brakes, the Bat-mobile screeches to a halt throwing Ollie into a pile of rubbish. He stands, and expresses he has “the agility of a cat”, to which a very angry Batman quips “Cats always land on their feet.”

While unpacking some characters, Glines explains, “It was really cool to get to do my take on Batman, but it was definitely a challenge.” Shane also stated that the series is meant to look “Fun, but not funny.” Giving the show a bold look. Much like the title implies, Justice League Action is packed with explosions, car chases, plus an “almost endless roster of heroes and villains.” With less focus on jokes, he points out to fans that the show is NOT the same as Teen Titans GO!.

Surely, with “a lot of surprises” in tow, fans of every age will have something to look forward to. Whether it’s an old favorite, or a first appearance, staying true to the characters while adding a modern feel will keep us all wanting more. The first episode has already aired in the States, as of 12/20/16. While the UK has released 6 episodes, since its unveiling on 11/26/16.


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