Vertigo Roundup: Lucifer #3

by Eric Joseph
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lucifer 3

Writer: Holly Black

Artist: Lee Garbett

In this latest issue, Lucifer and Gabriel journey to the dream realm. Things get a bit surreal there, but perhaps not enough for my taste. That’s not a real criticism – just know I love to crank up surrealism to 11 in these situations.

While there, the angelic duo gets a detailed history of Azazel  Azazel courtesy of Eve and Lilith. It makes for an entertaining read that you may want to go over twice. Something tells me this chap will be a major player in upcoming issues.

Two concurrent stories are told in this installment, but as of now, it’s not quite clear as to how they connect. It doesn’t really hurt the book, it just gives it a somewhat disconnected feel. Regardless of that, this series is recommended for new and old Luciferians alike.


Since this week’s Vertigo Roundup included only one title, I’m embedded a video that I can’t resist posting given the setting of the issue I just reviewed.

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