Fox Releases Promo Photos for ‘Gotham’ Season Finale, ‘All Families are Alike’

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It looks like we’re getting down to the wire here with Gotham. Two more episodes left and then no more Gotham for another year. That will be tough, but let’s not focus too far into the future. Well, I suppose we kinda have to because the news involves the future. Wait, what?

Fox went a little ham and released a few photos from the season finale that’s due to air on May 4th. I personally do not think that’s a good move, but we are getting a few cool photos from it.


In the last episode that aired, Nygma chops up both watermelons and Officer Doherty. Penguin attempts to put a hit out on Maroni, while Maroni romances his momma, and the Ogre has yet to be caught. These plot points may or may not have anything to do with these photos. Let’s speculate, though.

In the first interesting photo, we see Penguin hovering over what looks to be an injured Falcone on a stretcher. Could this be Maroni’s retaliation to a botched hit or something completely unrelated? In the the next Penguin photo, he expresses a look of terror. Perhaps this is the retaliation to the botched murder? In the following photo, we see Leslie looking a bit surprised. Could the Ogre still be loose? And lastly, we have Nygma cozying up to Ms. Kringle and reveling in it.

We have more answers tomorrow when the next episode airs, but these photos certainly raise many questions. The most pressing of which is how Selina became a peacock.

The Gotham season finale, entitled “All Families are Alike,” is slated to air May 4th.

Catch Gotham tomorrow on Fox, Mondays at 8/7C.

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