‘Batman: Resurrection’ Novel Continues the Story From the Original Film

by Eric Lee
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A new novel titled Batman: Resurrection, which is set in the Batman ’89 continuity, has been announced.

Popular Star Wars novelist John Jackson Miller is writing the book and Penguin Random House is the publisher. Despite making his name in Star Wars novels, Jackson Miller is pretty excited about writing Batman, even hailing it as a “dream project”.

There are dream projects, and then there are projects you never dreamt were possible. This is the latter. People always ask what world I wanted to get the chance to write in; I never named Burton’s take on Batman because I never imagined it could happen, but [PRH] editor Tom Hoeler found a way.”

Of course, Bat-fans are already familiar with the world. DC Comics has published two series, Batman ’89 and Batman ’89: Echoes, set in the same universe. However, Jackson Miller is well aware of those titles and has stated that his novel directly continues where the original Tim Burton film left off.

Whereas the DC Batman ‘89 comics are set after the Tim Burton films, I chose to make Batman: Resurrection a direct sequel novel to [the 1989 movie], meaning characters ranging from Vicki Vale and Alexander Knox to Max Shreck and Selina Kyle from Batman Returns can appear in the book.”

The Plot of ‘Batman: Resurrection’

So what is the Batman: Resurrection about? It deals with the fallout of the Joker’s crime spree from the movie. Many citizens are still traumatized by the villain’s attempt to gas everybody at his Gotham parade. Additionally, Batman’s still trying to round up the remnants of the Joker’s gang. However, the criminal element seems more emboldened, making the Dark Knight wonder if he needs to help Gotham City as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Miller continued about how he’s so excited about the novel, stating how the Batman ’89 film heavily influenced his writing.

Batman shaped the writer I am. I saw it in the theater 12 times, I reviewed it for my college paper and wrote about it often in comics magazines, including an essay on Prince’s Warner Bros. Records soundtrack. Writing Batman: Resurrection has been like reuniting with old friends.”

Batman: Resurrection will be released on October 15th. You can pre-order the novel now at Amazon, Penguin Random House, and Bookshops.

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