‘MultiVersus’ Game Will Cross Over With The NHL

by Eric Lee
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The National Hockey League has teamed up with MultiVersus video game to allow animated characters to play on the rink, including Batman.

A demo match-up took place on April 14th in a game that featured a rivalry between the two Stanley Cup winners: the Colorado Avalanche and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

The video game MultiVersus and the NHL utilized multiple cutting-edge technologies, including Hawk-Eye Innovations’ optical tracking, to have the animated characters match the movements of real hockey stars in real time. NHL Edge tracks the stars and then maps real-life NHL players’ movements onto the MultiVersus characters, to give the impression of players viewing a live game with animated icons.

MultiVersus Roster

Bat fans have another reason to check out MultiVersus as it will feature the legendary Kevin Conroy providing the voice for the Dark Knight. Speaking of which, check out this fun game highlight where Batman scores a goal.


Holy goals, indeed, Batman. Now I understand why Batman had retractable ice skates in Batman and Robin.

The MultiVersus roster includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Jake the Dog Finn the human, from Adventure Time. Shaggy and Velma from Scooby-Doo, and Steven from Steven Universe, the Tasmanian Devil are also on hand and officiate the game.

The endeavor is to promote MultiVersus, which will receive its official launch on May 28th. The fighting game is free-to-play and features the library of Warner Bros properties. In addition to the other franchises named, MultiVersus also has characters from Game of Thrones, Tom and Jerry, and, of all people, LeBron James from the second Space Jam movie.

The demo game ended 3-4 with the Golden Knights beating out the Avalanche.

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