Batman and Two-Face #28 Preview

Spoiler Alert! A few images are out now for the upcoming Batman and Two- Face #28.  It picks up where Batman is trying to get information out of Erin McKillen as to the whereabouts of  Two-Face. We see Man- bat and Killer Croc in two different areas of Gotham watching TV while a gunman is televising the event. And lastly Batman figures out where Two-Face is  and goes to save him but first ejects  Erin McKillen  out of the batmobile and on top of a police car.

“The Big Burn” concludes!

In the final showdown, Batman, Two-Face and Erin McKillen fight for their lives against Gotham City’s united Mafiosi!


Batman and Two- Face #28 is written by Peter J Tomasi , and penciled by Patrick Gleason. Expect to see this issue hit stores 2/19/14.

Source- Uproxx




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