Harley Quinn #3 Preview

by AdamPrince
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Spoiler Alert! Harley Quinn #3 is coming out next week and images are out now. This issue focuses on Valentine’s.  At first we see  Harley walking home and she sees couples showing their affection towards each other. Later that night things look like they are about to get interesting as she bites on a part of the plant Poison Ivy left her.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Harley is getting depressed watching happy couples walk by. Will a special gift from Poison Ivy turn things around for Harley?

The story telling by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti have been making this very violent yet very entertaining. Never a boring moment for me and Chad Hardin brings life to the pages with amazing art. Harley Quinn #3 hits stores 2/19/14

Source- Ain’t it Cool News

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