by Kristina

Hey! Kristina here,

This is the second Fan Roundtable. I am really glad there is so much interaction on the first roundtable. Phillip really had a good theory there with The Most Dangerous Game. This Fan Roundtable will be about one of the two new banners for The Dark Knight Rises. Dustin Spence from the DKN Facebook brought something up about the solo Batman banner where  Batman’s cape is flapping in the wind in front of him. Here is what we talked about about the banner:


Batman: The Animated Series

Dustin Spence (DS): I see what you did there Mr. Nolan. looks like the end credits of Batman: TAS

Dark Knight News (DKN): why do you say that Dustin?

DS: You tell me, Kristina ;D

DKN:  O.O what?! The marketing dept. is really hitting on memory lane there.


Dustin was referencing to Batman: The Animated Series (on the right). At first without looking at the image, I was sure of Dustin’s response. He posted the image on DKN Facebook and I was shocked to see the subtle similarities. I mean this was the series that solidified my love for Batman. The movies were great, but waiting to see Batman on Saturday or re-runs on the television was my whole childhood. I remember getting goosebumps at the cue of Shirley Walker’s Batman theme, which still gives me goosebumps. Even though, she used tons of influence from Danny Elfman in the 90’s. I think Walker made the theme into her own especially when Batman: Mask of the Phantasm came out. I will forever remember the series, it was dark with a kid friendly demeanor suitable for children. Many of friends teased me for watching the series, but I did not care. For heaven’s sake it was Batman! I still watch it online from time to time.

I do believe that The Dark Knight Rises are hitting on the memory lane button for fans saying, “Come on! You remember those Saturday mornings. Those afternoon delights of Batman. Remember and bring your money.” Damn those marketing department for manipulating our love for Batman by pulling on our heart strings. You fiends! Take my money damn you! I will not like it, but you win…unfairly!

Comment below or on DKN Facebook  on the Roundtable discussion on what you think of The Dark Knight Rises marketing department’s use of the Batman banner resembling Batman: The Animated Series ?  What do you remember of your time as a child, teenager, or adult about the Batman: The Animated Series? Do you think the Batman cartoons today hold a candle to the series?

Thank you guys for interacting and for being awesome! I hope to continue the Fan Roundtable.



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