McFarlane Toys to Release ‘Batman Forever’ Line

by Eric Lee
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McFarlane Toys has unveiled an action figure line based on Joel Schumacher’s crowd-dividing movie, Batman Forever.

The series line-up includes Batman, Robin, the Riddler, and Two-Face, but, most interestingly, the set’s Build-a-Figure is the Nightmare Bat. For those unaware, the nightmare Bat doesn’t actually make an appearance in the theatrical film cut of the film.

However, there were a number of deleted scenes where Bruce Wayne further confronts his psyche and encounters the Nightmare Bat as a mental representation of his desire to be Batman. The creature even made it into the trailer!


It’s very interesting that McFarlane Toys decided to make a Build-a-Figure based on a character that didn’t appear in the film itself.

Batman Forever was notorious for having a ton of deleted scenes that were ultimately excised from the final product. However, they really changed the tone of the movie into something darker and more character-driven.

All figures are 7 inches tall and feature 22 points of articulation. They also include figure stands, accompanying trading cards, personalized accessories, and alternative hands.

Batman Forever Figure Details

Batman’s in his sonar suit from the film, and that’s a bit of a shame. McFarlane Toys should’ve also made a figure of him in the suit he wore for the majority of the movie. In my opinion, it’s also the cooler suit, given how sleek it is. Batman comes with a regular Batarang, plus an explosive version (the one he used to destroy the Riddler’s brain drain machine) and a massive grappling gun. He also comes with two pairs of hands: one with a closed fist and the other open, to hold his accessories.

You can pre-order Batman here.

The Robin figure is a great recreation, although one wishes that the paint job had a more metallic sheen to reflect the colors from the movie better. Surprisingly, he doesn’t come with any additional accessories. Fortunately, he does have two pairs of hands: fists, an open hand, and a pointing hand.

You can pre-order Robin here.

The Riddler really captures Jim Carey’s likeness. He comes with his question mark cane and a batty bomb, the one he used to blow up the Batcave in the second act. He also has two pairs of hands: a closed fist, an open hand, and a pair of holding hands for his cane.

You can pre-order the Riddler here.

Two-Face also comes with two pairs of hands, a closed fist, an open hand, a holding hand, and most interestingly- a coin-flipping hand. The coin itself is actually attached to his hand and simulates the comic book strobe motion effect. This is a pretty unique way to represent the character’s trademark coin toss.

You can pre-order Two-Face here.

The figures are all up for pre-order right now, but won’t be released until August. They all retail at $25 USD.


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