Review: Trinity Special #1

by James Attias
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“World’s Finest” – Parts One, Two and Three, “Mothers and Daughters”, and “Trinity” 
Writer: Tom King
Artists: Belen Ortega and Daniel Sampere
Color Artists: Alejandro Sànchez and Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Review by James Attias

The Trinity Special is a compilation of the short stories that originally appeared in the pages of Tom King’s amazing new Wonder Woman run. This is the daughter of Diana, this is the future of the Amazons!

This is Trinity!

World’s Finest

This is a very sweet story that introduces the relationship between Robin (Damian Wayne), Superman (Jon Kent), and Lizzie (a very young Trinity). Firstly, Damian had been the youngest of the Robins for so long and was then outgrown by his best friend, Jon. So, finally seeing him as a “big brother” to someone is wonderful.

I should have mentioned this earlier; I love these three characters together. They all love each other so much and know each other so well. Seeing them as a group of siblings just ticks all the boxes in my heart.

This three-part tale shows different stages in Trinity’s life, from being a super powerful 8-year-old to being looked after by the future of superheroes is hilarious. As she takes on villains that would be challenging for the toughest heroes, she’s like all young kids, fearless and mischievous. This makes for a great read, particularly with the very stern, grumpy, straight-faced Damian Wayne. The first location is Gotham, Damian’s home turf.

We then see her in the fortress of solitude, and if you haven’t read “For the Man Who Has Everything” by the wonderful old Wizard Alan Moore, then you really should. This story is a play on that as, once again, siblings become slightly older, and a couple of big brothers are kept together by the sister… chaos.

The final chapter’s set on Trinity’s home turf, Themyscira, AKA Paradise Island. The boys, who have now aged up a bit (Damian’s now wearing his famous Grant Morrison Batman outfit) are with her. This time the fun and games include a Kangaroo race, which won’t come as a surprise for those of us who remember Wonder Woman’s friend Jumpa.

This was a great story with really fun, beautiful art. The writing perfectly captures each character, and, to be honest, I could read an entire run of stories like this, much like the Super Sons run of old. This chapter gives readers a wonderful glimpse into the raising of young Trinity.

Mothers and Daughters

The next story we have was a self-contained tale that shows the similarities between Trinity and Diana, I would say “her Mother” but If you’re reading the current Wonder Woman run, you know that isn’t set in stone yet. *Gasp* I’ve said too much! We see the trial for the Gauntlets, and everyone knows that Wonder Woman’s bulletproof bracelets are an absolute staple part of her character. Since seeing Lynda Carter smashing bullets away, every Wonder Woman fan has a special place for them in their heart.

This story shows us how an Amazon warrior trains to use such protective weapons. The Queen of the Amazons must fire a gun at whoever deems themselves worthy of donning them. In Diana’s case, it was Hyppolyta. In Trinity’s, of course, it’s Diana, Queen of the Amazons. The way this issue is written, with the parallel dialogues, is just perfection. I also have to say that Daniel Sampere’s art is my new favorite for Wonder Woman, this guy’s incredible.

This story, shows legacy, love, and honor. It’s a Wonderful read.


Now that we have seen her youth, her growth, and her trial by fire, we’re then thrown into a tale with the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman of the next Generation all in their prime. They’re breaking a promise they made to their parents long ago, but, as Trinity informs her two big brothers, with family this isn’t a favor, it’s an obligation.

This story shows us just how much Damian and Jon would do for their sister… and I love it. They really are the best, most caring brothers/friends. This ties in directly with the current Wonder Woman run, so if you haven’t read this or that, you need to ASAP! Beautiful art, beautiful writing… This title has it all.

As I mentioned to My editor and Mentor, Steve J. Ray, Tom King’s Wonder Woman is my favorite book on the shelf at the moment. I haven’t said that about a story that wasn’t a Bat Family book before, which shows how serious I am. You need these stories in your life.


The Trinity Special Is exactly what it says on the tin: Special! I loved every page of it and can’t wait to see more of Lizzie and her two big brothers together.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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