After Dark Crisis Comes The Dawn of the DCU

by Steven Lee Sharpe
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With the announcement of the release of the seventh and final issue of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths on December 20th comes the news of what will follow – nothing less than The Dawn Of The DCU.

In the words of series writer Joshua Williamson:

It’s always darkest before the dawn…and now we’re there. A new dawn of the DC Universe. This whole event started with death, so here we end with life.


Our epic last issue (of Dark Crisis) shows why the DC Universe is at its best when it’s adding and growing the mythology. From the start we’ve said this series was a love letter to the DC Universe and the big events, and readers will see that with this issue.


Daniel (Sampere, the series illustrator) and I put a lot of love into every page of this story. It’s been one of the most rewarding and intense projects we’ve ever been a part of. Here, in the end, we launch the DCU into a new exciting direction!

We’re used to – heck, we demand – major ripples from an event story, especially a Crisis event story, but there’s something reassuring about the reference to a new dawn. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m ready for a lighter side to my DC escapism.

For the final chapter of Dark Crisis, artist Dan Mora’s illustrated four connecting variant covers to highlight the main players. Plus there’s a special foil cover to commemorate the work of the late George Perez who was the illustrator on the original Crisis on Infinite Earths story.

Of course, it’s the variant covers that provide tantalizing clues as to what will happen in the story, and it’s exciting to see the image of the Batman/Superman/Green Lantern fusion. First seen in World’s Finest, written by Mark Waid, it’s also worth noting that Waid’s writing the newly launched Batman Vs Robin, which also features the same villain. Coincidence?

Also, while Dark Crisis began with Dick Grayson’s eulogy for the fallen heroes, not only does one of the covers feature Nightwing in a image that could suggest powers or some kind of rebirth, but the same image has been used in DC’s news release about Dawn Of The DCU – how much of a key role will he play?

Let the speculation begin.

Source: GamesRadar. Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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