Batwoman’s Joker Pays Tribute To Batman: Arkham Knight

by Marsha Reilly
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It’s recently been confirmed that a new Joker is being introduced to the CW’s DC Universe. Not only that, but Batwoman’s Joker pays tribute to the version seen in Batman: Arkham Knight!

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Batwoman and the Batman: Arkham Trilogy.

Recently in Batwoman, season 3 episode 7 “Pick Your Poison”, Marquis Jet showed up with a major costume change that had fans suspecting that a new Joker was being introduced. Since then, these rumours have been confirmed and more details have been given out, including where they got the inspiration for this new Joker.

Now promoting himself to Prince of Mayhem and with Wayne Enterprises in his back pocket, everything so far looks like it had been inspired by the comic series “The Joker War”. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as instead it seems to have been inspired by the hit 2015 game Batman: Arkham Knight.

Throughout the Arkham Trilogy, we saw Joker descend to new levels of crazy after taking a chemical drug called TITAN, giving him a boost similar to the Venom super-steroid that Bane uses (don‘t do drugs, kids). In a last-ditch-effort to stay alive no matter what, he dragged Batman down into madness with him, by giving our vigilante a vial of his blood. Not just the only vial, though… oh, no! There were many, sent around to all of Gotham’s hospitals. Even when Batsy and Robin rounded them all up, there were four unaccounted for.

These four people had already been infected just like Joker was when the Dynamic Duo finally track them down, essentially turning them into other versions of the clown. An entertainer Johnny Charisma, Queen Industries executive Christina Bell, a boxer called Albert King and a principle, who at first showed no signs of being infected, named Henry Adams, were all kept in an underground prison as Batman tried to find a cure. As it turns out, Henry was the worst affected of the four, releasing everyone just to kill them and himself.

In the Arrowverse, it has previously been revealed that the Joker had died many years ago with only his legacy living on. They explain, however, that while he was alive, he attached Marquis with a joy buzzer, damaging his brain. Which could explain why he chose to go down a path of violence. Since torture made The Arkham Knight, that could very well be the case for Batwoman’s Joker too. Not only this, but Jet’s personality seems to be a mix of all four infected victims held captive.

Henry managed to deceive Batman and Robin until the very end, rendering all of their research completely useless, and Marquis has done the same thing to Ryan. When she finally realised his manipulation, it was too late and he took everything from her, and gained control over Wayne Enterprises too.

While Henry commits suicide after he discovers that the Dark Knight is also infected, believing himself to be inferior, Marquis has the opposite mindset. After accomplishing his goals, he doesn’t see Ryan or his mother as threats, but more like a big joke. Although, if there’s anything a Bat doesn’t like, it’s the Joker winning.

Marquis may end up regretting counting his sister out so early on in his twisted game. Like in the Arkham Trilogy, the eventual downfall of the new Arrowverse Joker will surely be satisfying to watch one way or another.

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