Two-Face Begins and More in ‘The Long Halloween Part Two’ Clips

by Eric Lee
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Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two unleashed a litany of clips that reveal more of the film’s various plot points.

Catwoman vs. Bruce Wayne

The first clip is a follow-up of the previous Poison Ivy clip. Catwoman lunges at Ivy, but a mind-controlled Bruce Wayne defends Ivy.


Carmine Falcone Relates to Young Bruce

The next clip features a flashback of a young Carmine Falcone talking to Bruce Wayne. Fans of the graphic novel will recognize why young Falcone is injured on the table in the Wayne Manor house. However, the scene is expanded from the comic book source material. Falcone gives Bruce his lucky silver dollar. It appears that the film is going out of its way to establish deeper connections between Falcone and its other characters.


Independence Day

Speaking of which, the Independence Day clip also features more deviations from the source material. Harvey and Gilda Dent meet up with Commissioner Gordon’s family to watch fireworks. However, their meeting is interrupted by Carmine Falcone. The scene seems to establish Carmine and Gilda had some sort of relationship in the past. This is another layer of relationship that the film has, but is not in the graphic novel.


Batman in Crisis

The next clip appears to be a completely original scene. We see Batman stumbling into an alley, scaring a family. Seeing the family then triggers Batman to recall his own parents’ murders. There is no context offered here.  But I bet  Scarecrow gassed Batman created a nightmare-scenario for him .


Two-Face Begins in ‘The Long Halloween Part Two’

The final clip from the movie shows a hospitalized Dent recovering from having acid splashed in his face. As he tries to get out of the bed, he begins to hear voices in his head. Uh oh…


Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two comes out digitally on July 27th  and on Blu-Ray on August 10th.


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