Loungefly Release Batman Chibi Mini Backpack

by Louise Dempsey
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Loungefly have released a mini backpack commemorating Batman in all of his various outfits over the years. The pack is made from a vegan friendly faux leather, has a chibi Batman print repeated all over, and a Batman logo inner lining . The bag measures 24cm x 15cm x 27cm and has padded adjustable straps , a metal Loungefly, DC Comics badge, and a zip pocket  on the front , plus small pouches on each side.

This backpack is extremely cute , I don’t think I have ever seen Batman look so adorable. I really love the chibi Batman print, and seeing all the different Bat suits from over the years. Then we get the Bat signal and Gotham skyline in the background. The bag is spacious, and it’s surprising how much you can fit inside, considering its dimensions. The front pocket is quite a good size, and you can fit quite a few small bits inside. The side pouches are OK , you can fit a lipstick or lip gloss in them but not much else .

The only thing about this bag that is a bit disappointing is the fact that it doesn’t have any inside pockets and I really wish it did. These would make it so much easier to keep things separated if needed (especially small things), instead you have to rummage around in the bag to find exactly what you’re looking for .

Overall I really do love the backpack. It’s a great size , it’s fun and super cute, and would be great for any Batman /DC Comics fan.

Bat-fans in the UK can currently find this bag  for a bargain price of just £29.99 instead of the usual £69.99 on Geekcore. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any sites that actually have the item in stock in the USA , but Geekcore do offer shipping to America , Australia and the rest of the world.

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