Welly Announce Kids Batmobile Suitcase

by Louise Dempsey
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This kids Batmobile suitcase by Welly is part of the ridaz collection and is inspired by the Batmobile from the movie Batman v Superman and it may be the most awesome suitcase I have ever seen.

The case has a durable plastic shell which is lightweight and easy to clean , 2 safety catches for easy opening , a telescopic metal handle to pull along and a retractable plastic strap, to allow the case to be pulled along on 4 wheels. Inside the case there are two compartments . The first has elastic tie down straps, to keep clothes /toys etc. in place. The other has a storage pocket.

When it isn’t being used as a suitcase it can also be used as a toy, or even as a ride on suitcase… but that’s for smaller children, only .

The measurements of the suitcase are approximately – 51cm high (72 cm when handle is extended), 34cm wide, and 22cm deep. The weight is approximately 2.5 kg .

This Batmobile suitcase is so fun and quirky, and it will encourage children to carry their own luggage. It comes FAA approved for carrier carry on luggage, too!

I actually bought one of these as an early birthday present for my 5 year old nephew Bruce (yes he is named after Batman), and he absolutely loves it. Putting all of his DC Comics toys inside and pulling it around makes him very happy. I, however was a tiny bit disappointed, because the case itself is quite large, but compared to some other children’s travel cases there isn’t much room inside, you can only really fit a couple of outfits , a pair of shoes (2 at a push) and maybe a couple of toys inside . It’s great for short breaks , sleepovers, and for use as hand luggage, but I just feel that it could do with a bit more space for longer trips. This is really the only downside.

Despite the lack of space inside I do really love this case. It really is totally awesome; great design ,looks fantastic, and I like that it can played with as a toy as well, so kids can really have a lot of fun with it .It also seems to very sturdy. The wheels are smooth, and it’s easy to pull along with the handle or retractable strap.

If you have child, grandchild , niece or nephew that loves Batman or DC Comics, this would be the perfect little suitcase for them. I just wish that there was an adult sized one because I would really love one for myself… and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The case is currently available from Amazon UK  and Amazon US

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