James Gunn Wants To Help The Comics Industry

by Lauren Fiske
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In case it wasn’t obvious, James Gunn loves comic books. Many of the director/producer’s works have been at least somewhat adapted from some form of graphic novel source material, this means of course that he wants to help the comics industry, and is someone who works hard to keep comic books thriving. With the much loved writer/director now at the helm of The Suicide Squad, he’s using his clout to promote comic book stores and creators.

Specifically, Gunn used the design of The Suicide Squad poster to add an important statement. The complete design of this piece of promotional art is obviously immaculate and depicts the antiheroes running through the rain. If you look at the red text in the bottom right corner, there’s a particular message for audiences.

The small message was highlighted by comic book artist Mitch Gerads. The message in question promotes comics, specifically saying,



Gerads pointed out the special note on The Suicide Squad‘s poster, thanking Gunn for the promotion. Gunn responded graciously,

I was so freaking happy to do that. Post-pandemic I want to support our movie theaters AND our local comics shops AND all the wonderful comic book publishers, writers & artists out there.

There would obviously be no The Suicide Squad without the original comics material. We are more than glad to see the future of the comics industry being promoted for future generations, especially by James Gunn himself.

The Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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