Zack Snyder Shares On Set Picture For ‘Justice League’

by Chris Foti
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Article by Chris Foti

Zack Snyder is officially back in the director’s chair of a DC movie. Years of fan support and campaigns have made the Zack Snyder director’s cut of Justice League go from dream to reality. Earlier this week, Snyder posted his slate for the additional photography that is currently taking place.

We learned in September that Snyder would be doing additional filming for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which would reunite Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher. It was later revealed that Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello would be joining the additional filming as the Joker and Deathstroke, respectively.

We’re still not sure what exactly the additional filming is for; whether these were scenes that Snyder never got the chance to film before leaving the project in early 2017, or if these are additional scenes he’s cooked up since then. Let’s not forget. Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon did extensive reshoots with their version of Justice League, most of which was dramatically divergent from what Zack Snyder most likely had in mind, and what is still present in the theatrical cut of the film. Whatever the director is filming now, whether it be course correcting errors from the version that was released, or all new footage he wasn’t previously able to complete, it will all be his vision, and the story he initially set out to tell. After all the furore and fan feuding, it had all better be pretty darned good.

Fans were also treated to a “new” trailer this week. Unfortunately, there’s no new footage or voice overs, but, HBO Max made their TikTok debut with a recut trailer for the film with high intensity music. Sorry, Hallelujah fans.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021.

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