Review: Adventures of the Super Sons #12

by Adam Ray
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“Gang War” – Conclusion
Writer: Peter J Tomasi
Artists: Carlo Barberi and Matt Santorelli
Color Artist: Protobunker
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Adam Ray

Adventures of the Super Sons #12 is a fitting conclusion to what has been a raucous journey. We’ve followed these young heroes across space and their adventures have been the after school treat I didn’t know I needed.

Last issue left the boys in dire straits, trapped in an unfamiliar space with Rex – the tiny Lex Luthor – ready to use an ultimate weapon. A penultimate episode should always make us wonder if the heroes will make it and how they’ll get out of this predicament. This fun, feel-good, title did that perfectly.

These 12 issues are something I’d drop into the grabby hands of anyone as young as 7 or as high as 14. I cannot think of a more fun, more light-hearted, but well contained and grabbing story as this. On the surface, we have the roaring action and galactic set pieces to draw younger readers in, but, dg a little deeper, and the genre twists of several issues – including this one – could makes us all wonder what is real. The stories have jumped from psychological thrillers in haunted houses, to space operas with robot cowboys. All these are smash hits, giving us many of the things comic books excel at, and would rightly blow any young reader’s tiny mind.

When you tie that all together with Protobunker’s vibrant colors and the punchy action from Barberi and Santorelli and most readers will be pulled right in.


This series may not go down as a great turning point in the landscape of comics, but that was never it’s job. That’s a lofty ideal for two superhero boys. Adventures of the Super Sons #12 would be a successful doorway into the medium for any new reader I defy anyone to pick up these issues and not have a cosmic ride. I look forward to their return to shelves with more antics for all readers in the future.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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