Nicolas Winding Refn Wants to Direct a Batgirl Movie

Article by Sam McTernan

Batgirl is one of many ongoing projects over at DC Films. It’s currently being written by Christina Hodson, however very little is known about the project, although one man has expressed his interest. Nicolas Winding Refn wants to direct a Batgirl movie.

The surprising revelation came from a recent interview. The Drive and Too Old to Die Young director was asked if he’d ever been offered a mainstream movie? Perhaps a superhero movie? Refn admitted he had, but never found the right mix to sign on for. However, he would definitely be up for working with Gotham’s Batgirl.

During the interview, Refn expanded further on his choice.

Regarding everything else, no. I mean, projects that have come to me or been approached about, I’ve always decided not to do them in the end. I love Hollywood. I love glamour and glitz. I love camp. I love vanity, I love egos, I indulge in all that, but the bigger kind of approaches or the offers that have come my way or the interest, in the end, I’ve always just felt that I wasn’t the right person in the end for it. Doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. I mean I would love to do one of those comic book (movies), I mean, me and Batgirl it’s like… we coexist.

Teasing “I know who’s gonna play it”, the director has clearly put some thought into the project, although he wouldn’t reveal his choice of actress.

Batgirl was originally to be written by Joss Whedon before Bumblebee writer Hodson was brought in. Hodson is also the screenwriter for 2020’s Birds of Prey. Hopefully, a director will be announced soon. It may even be Refn?

Who would you like to see direct Batgirl? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sam McTernan

Sam McTernan

Sam is a Scottish artist and writer based in Edinburgh. He has been a Batman and comics fan for as long he can remember, This is a passion thankfully shared by his children.