‘JL: Odyssey’ Artist Stjepan Sejic Unveils New Batman Project

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Former Justice League Odyssey artist Stjepan Sejic has revealed that he’s attached to a new, untitled Batman project.

On Twitter, Sejic unveiled an image of a demonic Batman. Initially, the only hint is a cryptic message: “Working on a secret thing…Gonna be fun.” The image features the Dark Knight as a kind of bat-demon with huge smile.

Commenters correctly surmised that the “secret thing” is some sort of Black Label Batman project. Sejic also confirmed that he will be on for the whole series. Furthermore, the comic will compose of “3 oversized 60 page issues.”

Black Label is an imprint that features more mature, out-of-continuity takes on DC heroes. It’s similar to DC’s Vertigo imprint, but deaturing more mainstream characters.

What is Sejic’s Batman Story About?

Details are pretty sparse about this project. Sejic’s artistic speciality is with either cosmic or supernatural characters, and he’s previously drawn Aquaman and Justice League Odyssey. Could his new Batman project involve a more supernatural take on the character? It’s also unknown if he’s just drawing, or writing too. Many of his commenters also mentioned the resemblance to Kelley Jones’ Batman in Red Rain. That story featured a vampire Batman. It is possible that Sejic’s story focuses on him.

Regardless, continue to tune into Dark Knight News for further information as it comes out.

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