Stephen Colbert Roasts Zack Snyder

by Chris Foti
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Article by Chris Foti

Last week, Zack Snyder held a charity screening of the director’s cut of his films Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

After the screenings, the director would host a Q&A with fans. In the middle of some fascinating bits of information, such as where Snyder was planning on taking the story arc of his DC Universe, was a questionable response to Batman killing.

Ever since Batman v Superman, fans have been highly critical of Snyder’s Batman ruthlessly and blatantly killing people throughout the film. Snyder’s response to fans was that Batman killing is an extension of being a flawed hero and for fans to “wake the f*** up” and telling people who think their heroes are innocent are “Living in a f***ing dream world”.

Obviously, this was a very polarizing response from an already polarizing director. Stephen Colbert had something to say about Snyder’s comments on The Late Show. The segment starts at the 2:05 mark:

Aquaman sells opiates, and the Flash is a human trafficker! Walk it off! The whole Justice League is addicted to snuff porn, grow up!

Snyder’s comments give his critics more fuel to the fire and justifies their belief that he was the wrong person for the job to make a DC cinematic universe. 

Personally, I think if Snyder had stuck with the narrative that Batman was 20 years into his career, was at the end of his rope, feared Superman’s tremendous power and was at the point of doing anything to stop him, it would’ve been a more justifiable response. There would’ve been a narrative reasoning behind it. Telling people to “Wake the f*** up” is just… weird. But, given what Snyder has gone through, it could’ve just been an answer out of frustration more than anything.

Although I think Snyder’s comments were uncalled for, his plans for the Justice League did sound very interesting. Darkseid boom tubing into the Batcave and killing Lois. Superman succumbing to the Anti-Life Equation. Getting to see the Knightmare world that Batman saw in BvS. Seeing the moment the Flash tried to go back in time to warn Bruce about Darkseid, but going too far back and winding up in the cave during Batman v Superman. It feels like a combination of the New 52 and Injustice stories. I hope we get an Elseworlds graphic novel that shows this.

Having said that, I think WB and DC are on the right track now. Aquaman was a great success and Shazam! is looking to be, as well. 

Which side of the fence do you fall on with Zack Snyder? Personally, as I mentioned, I am interested to see where he was taking everything, but personally believe that his recent comments have been a little out of line.

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