Jim Lee Teases ‘One-Punch Man’ / DC Comics Collaboration On Social Media

One of DC Comics’ and Marvel’s most famous names, Jim Lee, has teased his followers with a One-Punch Man collaboration interest. Lee has mentioned to fans that he knows the manga-artist of the eccentric and fun manga series:

Lee’s recent tweet rendering Goku from Dragon Ball Z caught the attention of manga-artist, Manson Mamaril. One-Punch Man is manga/anime series that’s both a parody of superheroes and carries a meaningful narrative. The egghead hero would be a fun casual member of the Justice League if he were to ever join in.

And well, it’s not like we haven’t thought about it with the character:

Jim Lee always carries fun-loving ideas. His joy in his artwork is inspirational and his name is legendary in the comics industry. Lee’s past work includes Batman: Hush, Superman: Unchained, Justice League, and Suicide Squad; additionally he draws a wicked and mean Wolverine, and is internationally known because of his work on X-Men.

With his first-ever DBZ fan-art, he’s created a twitter buzz. For Manson Mamaril and Jim Lee to team up, a manga/American comics crossovers is always a huge treat if it were to happen! It’s so remarkable whenever countries share and produce art together.

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Sharna Jahangir

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